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Plate brake tester PT0015

The PT0015 plate brake tester analyses the brakes of a vehicle under dynamic conditions of each individual wheel for the service- and parking brake. The brake forces and difference left/right of an axle can be measured.

Dynamic brake testing!

The brake plates are designed for surface mount (on floor) or flush fitted (in floor) installation. The hot dip zinc bridge type brake plates are equipped with reliable roller bearings.

PT0015-2: 2-plate brake tester.
PT0015-2S: 2-plate brake tester with integrated sideslip meter.
PT0015-4: 4-plate brake tester.
PT0015-4S: 4-plate brake tester with integrated sideslip meter.

The important brake force ratio front axle to rear axle can also be determined on the PT0015-4 and PT0015-4S.

Required floor space:
1480 x 620 x 54 mm ( l x w x h): Single brake plate.
2180 x 2040 x 54 mm ( l x w x h): PT0015-2
3140 x 2040 x 54 mm ( l x w x h): PT0015-2S
4785 x 2040 x 54 mm ( l x w x h): PT0015-4 and PT0015-4S

With the optional integrated sideslip meter, during the brake test, the dynamic toe-in or toe-out of an axle is presented on the display. The mechanical compensation plate relieves any built-up tire forces which would impair the measurement. This guarantees an accurate sideslip test.

  • Full automatic test.
  • Brake forces left and right per wheel per axle.
  • Brake force difference left to right per axle.
  • Brake efficiency calculation for service- and parking brake after manual weight input.


PT0015 series
Power supply
1PH 230V / 50 Hz
Maximum axle load
3000 kg/measuring
Maximum axle load
4000 kg/drive over
Measuring range
10000 N (brake force)
Measuring range
0 to 20 m/km dynamic toe-in and toe-out (sideslip)
Hot dip zinc
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PT0015 + beetle2 (2100x1700).png
PT0015 + beetle1 (2100x1700).png
PT0015-2 layout
PT0015-2 lay-out
PT0015-4S layout
PT0015-4S lay-out