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Pedal force meters

The pedal force, which is applied during a brake test, can be measured with the pedal force meter.

The ideal tool when 4x4 vehicles are tested and the left and right wheel require equal brake pedal force to come to a realistic imbalance value for the left and right wheel of an axle.

Two models are available:

With LCD display
The pedal force meter contists of a transducer and a hand-held terminal connected by a cable. The applied pedal force is visible on the LCD display. The pedal force meter is used as stand alone.

Cable connected
The pedal force meter consists of a transducer and is connected through a sensor cable straight into the display. The applied pedal force is either visible on the roller brake tester display or on the print-out of a brake test (depending on the display type connected).


Both models
Measuring range
0-1000 N