RT9014 Roller Brake Tester

Meets ISO21069 specifications.

Heavy duty roller brake tester for light trucks and light commercial vehicles. The RT9014 is a flush fitted single bed roller brake tester with extra wide 900 mm rollers. Designed for vehicles with a maximum GVW of 7500 kg and a maximum testing axle load of 4000 kg.

In addition to measuring the brake forces per wheel and the difference between the left and right sides, the operator can determine the important quantities rolling resistance, actuation force, ovality (out-of-roundness) and brake fading for each wheel. Special attention has been given to prevent damage to the tires. The rollers are very quickly stopped when slippage occurs, even during the start-up of the motors. All roller brake testers are equipped with reliable worm gear motors. All moving components are supported by roller bearings for a long and trouble free service. The chassis is hot dip zinc.

A weighing system is available as an option. With this weighing facility, the deceleration (brake efficiency) of the vehicle will be calculated and can be compared with legal requirements for the service-, parking- and the emergency brake systems.

The 614T LX display is especially designed for the RT9014. It contains a large concentric 42 cm diameter scale for brake forces left and right. The red pointer represents the left wheel, the blue pointer represents the right wheel. The digital LED display is designed for a clear presentation of all numerical values in brake force, weight, sideslip and brake efficiency.

Standard features 614T LX:

  • Analogue and digital brake force indication left & right.
  • Digital brake force difference indication left & right.
  • Full automatic test sequence.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • 4x4 reversible roller kit included.
  • Wheel lock indication lamps left & right.
  • Rolling resistance & ovality measurement.
  • Brake efficiency calculation for service- and parking brake after manual weight input, or automatic weighing with an optional weighing system.
  • Digital efficiency results for service- and parking brake.
  • Digital sideslip results for front- and rear axle (optional).
  • Memory for storage of test results for front-, rear and parking brake with indicators.
  • Infra red remote control for operation of all functions of the test lane.
  • Easy Exit® drive out of rollers included.
  • Wall bracket included.

Optional RT9014:
Cover plates (hot dip zinc)
4-point weighing system
Steel rollers
Lift system with 4000 kg axle load lifting capacity
Pedal force meter

Optional 614T LX:
Matrix printer
Inkjet colour printer
Pivoting wall bracket
Printer drawer

Specifications RT9014:
Maximum drive over axle load: GVW 7500 kg
Maximum axle test load: 4000 kg
Roller speed: 4,5 km/h
Brake force maximum: 14000 N
Rollers: 206 x 900 mm
Track: 880-2680 mm
Power supply: 2 x 5.5 kW; 3 phase, 400 V or 230 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions: 281 x 76 x 32 cm
Chassis: hot dip zinc
Power switch box with Star-Delta included

Dimensions display: 635x635x210mm (WxHXD)

RT9014 Roller brake tester

614T LX analogue/digital display for RT9014

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- Caravans & Trailers

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