Commercial vehicles

PD5700 Play Detector For Heavy Goods Vehicles

Hydraulic play detector for heavy goods vehicles.
Approved in the UK. Suitable to test HGV & PSV

PD57xx & PD58xx Play Detectors For Heavy Goods Vehicles

Hydraulic play detectors series for heavy goods vehicles.

RT9014 Roller Brake Tester

Heavy duty roller brake tester for passenger cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles.
Meets ISO21069 specifications.

SS32 Digital Display Sideslip Meter

SS32 Digital display for stand alone sideslip meter

TSS1000 Sideslip Meter

Truck Sideslip Meter.



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- Cars
- Commercial vehicles
- Caravans & Trailers

Product Groups
- Consoles for roller testers
- Pedal force meters
- Plate brake testers
- Play detectors
- Roller brake testers
- Roller tester add-ons
- Sideslip meters
- Speedometers
- Suspension testers

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